The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in the Beaty family. Julian, Jensen, and Jaylen Beaty are an alliterative team of business professionals and are the founders and driving force behind Beaty Brothers Moving. The dynamic team of brothers made their dream of professional excellence a reality by combining each of their skills and expertise into an ever-growing moving company that highlights the values of being prompt, polite, and professional. The boys w were raised in big trucks and were always encouraged to work hard and dream big by their parents, who homeschooled them in K-12th grade. After starting and running a wildly successful balloon business as children, the brothers decided to transfer their skills to the moving industry.

Beaty Brothers Moving had a humble start in the brothers’ home in 2018. Due to their work ethic and attention to detail, the trio quickly built a strong client and referral base that propelled them to expansion. Now operating with 15 employees and averaging 1000 moves a year, this team is eager to help facilitate your next great adventure.

Meet the Brothers
 Julian, 25, is the eldest brother and is extremely disciplined, with a mind for logistics and a giftedness in training the team. He keeps everyone focused on obtaining the goal, always pushing forward to take the next hill and expand the business. He leads the pack in tackling large projects and big ideas and spearheads complex logistics. Jensen, 23, is the resident negotiator and expert problem solver. A true peacemaker with a sharp business mind, Jensen handles all the compliance and paperwork, establishes and influences workplace culture, and is a master truck packer. He works closely with the financial team and manages payroll. Jensen inspires the team and customers with his wisdom and business insight. Jaylen, 21, is the youngest and acts as the brand manager and designer for the team. With an acute eye for style, Jaylen drives the visual story of Beaty Brothers and captures the essence of BBM through photography and video. Known for his humor and wit, he is a coveted team member that the crew and customers love to banter with during moves. The Beaty brothers might be young, but they have the acumen and skill of businessmen 15 years their senior.

Big Dreams, Big Accomplishments
Together, the trio of brothers are the face and soul of the ever-growing Beaty Brothers Moving company.  Whether you are relocating across town or across the country, BBM is the solution you seek when deciding how to transport your treasures. You can expect open communication, friendliness, and personalized high-end treatment every step of the way. Reach out for a quote, schedule a meeting to meet the team, or stay tuned to hear all about the big MOVES happening at BBM!